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Rockband "Bizar"
NL, UK This is my own rockband and I am playing electric guitar. We have a setlist containing songs in style of Van Halen / Led Zeppelin / Pearl Jam / Extreme.

At the moment we are looking for musicians !  Take a look at our website !!



The Villa Volta website or check the Photo-site of Villa Volta


Villa Volta is one of the many attractions of  the themeparc Efteling. It's a stately villa, where Hugo van den Loonsche Duynen lives. Prisonar in his own house. He is cursed forever. I hope you enjoy this site build by my nephew Marwin vd Hoeve. As well you will get some information about simulations, attractions like Villa Volta and interesting downloads. Check out the special construction of puppets with ropes and wheels!

If you want to see photo's you can check the special photo-site!

Website of Jan de Wijn


This is the personal website of Jan de Wijn!


TRAVELLING - For all your travel information


A real good site for a traveller. This is a travel portal with information about countries worldwide. In this directory you will find carefully selected travel links with content descriptions written by the travelportal editors. This site is available in the Dutch and English language.
Dave's Thompson's  Travelcorner (USA)


Articles, photos, exchange of experiences, diaries and 2000 links makes this site ideal for a traveller. Check especially the 2000 links !
John Thompson's Fotosite (USA)


On this site you will find tons of travelphotos from John (brother of Dave). Very nice is the option to send the photos like a postcard! My brother and I met John when we travelled to the Cameroon Highland in october 2001 (see the foto's here).



Greenpeace Shipbreaking (Fragment of a diary)


This publication is only in Dutch but the site itself is in English too. The publication is a part of my diary and deals with my visit to Gaddani Beach in Pakistan. This beach is special because they breakdown oilships !  Greenpeace is protesting against ship owners who dump their ships for recycling.